Note: Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about getting your website to the top of Google and the other major search engines, DO NOT read another word. Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything I will be teaching you. It's best to print this e-Book off, highlight areas, and take notes as you learn the exact steps needed for a top search engine ranking.


BE No. 1 in GOOGLE

There’s having a Web site and there’s having a Web site that works. It’s all very well to have a flashy intro, a fully integrated shopping basket, and lots of features and functionality that can wow the audience on every single page. But what if they can’t find you? What if you’re not visible
on the search engines and on Google in particular?

If they don’t know your address (which most users don’t), many members of your potential audience are going to try to find your site by typing in a keyword or phrase, and if you don’t rank on those return results, you may as well not have a Web site at all. It’s that serious.

Making your site Google-friendly or employing Search Engine Optimization techniques, or SEO, as it’s known in the trade, at your earliest convenience should be a priority; SEO is this year’s black. What it can cost varies wildly, so be sure to question the worth of both the cheapest and the most expensive service providers, but remember that there’s lots that can be done internally and at minimal cost other than your time. This SITE will show you what needs to be done and empower you to ask your SEO service provider—and yourself—the right questions.

To ignore Search Engine Optimization (and Google in particular) is folly. Having your own Web site means you simply must get involved with SEO techniques. Without any SEO input, well, if I were a betting man (which I’m not), I’d say your chances of success were about even; if I were an Internet project manager (which I am), I would say you were dead in the water. Your site is nothing if it isn’t optimized for the Web.

In fact, ignoring SEO is tantamount to placing a brick wall against the front door of a high-end shop: You’re actually blocking your users from reaching you. You’re destined to become part of the noise of the Internet rather than a music maker. You’re streaming without a paddle.

So how do you will read this Site? Dip in and dip out, read it from start to finish—it really does n’t matter. The 52 brilliant ideas contained in it are generally quick fixes that should result
in immediate benefits to your site if you adopt them.

If your budget is modest, implementing just a handful of these ideas will improve your Web site rankings and help you realize your ambitions and the ambitions of your company. Employ all 52 and people will be throwing themselves down on the floor and proposing—no, wait, I mean finding your Web site, buying more of your products, reading your information, and coming back to your site again and again.

You Must Get Links From Related Subject Sites to Rank

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I’m more inclined to be understanding of people who believe that this myth is true than most of the other myths, simply because it does seem like it would be true. It seems like Google’s algorithm would be advanced enough to give more value to links from pages that are related to the subject matter of your own page. Does Google do this? Does its algorithm give these related-subject links (known in the
SEO world as “themed links”) more value?

I’ll be honest: I don’t know if themed links are more valuable to Google.

The reason I don’t know is because it is so difficult to get themed links for niche sites, and I deal almost exclusively with niche sites. Finding hundreds of places where you can get a one-way link for a bonsai tree or deep sea fishing site is no easy task!

Even if you can find enough potential places to get a link in niche subject areas, there’s no guarantee that the webmasters are willing to sell (or trade) links with you. Besides, I don’t trade links, because my research shows that reciprocal linking just doesn’t have a lot of link power with Google anymore. One-way links help you out in Google much more (as do links that appear to be one-way – more on that later). Because of this problem, I am forced to get links from sites that have little or nothing to do with the subject matter of my own niche sites. But you know what?

Despite the fact that links to my sites are completely off-theme, my sites still
rank wonderfully well in Google!

I’ll be giving you an example of one of my own sites shortly, but first I’m going to show you a site that ranks really well for very competitive keywords that does not rely on themed links for its ranking in Google. The site is As of today, January 9, 2008, SubmitExpress ranks #4 in Google for the phrase “search engine optimization.” Talk about a competitive set of keywords! All of the top SEO gurus are working hard to rank well for that phrase. That’s a real feather in the cap for the guys who do SEO for a living.

SubmitExpress has maintained a great ranking for those keywords for at least the past 6 months, because I wrote a blog post related to this subject on June 27, and was #3 back then. (Boy, did the nay-sayers have a field day with that post! Of course, not a single one of them proved me wrong. My favorite one is from a well-known SEO group that started off their “rebuttal” with the fact that there are exceptions to every rule. My whole point is that if the “rule” has such huge, glaring, undeniable “exceptions”, it’s no rule at all!

Okay, moving on…) So what kind of pages are linking to Are they related to SEO, or even general webmaster topics? Very few of them are!


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