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There’s having a Web site and there’s having a Web site that works. It’s all very well to have a flashy intro, a fully integrated shopping basket, and lots of features and functionality that can wow the audience on every single page. But what if they can’t find you? What if you’re not visible
on the search engines and on Google in particular?

If they don’t know your address (which most users don’t), many members of your potential audience are going to try to find your site by typing in a keyword or phrase, and if you don’t rank on those return results, you may as well not have a Web site at all. It’s that serious.

Making your site Google-friendly or employing Search Engine Optimization techniques, or SEO, as it’s known in the trade, at your earliest convenience should be a priority; SEO is this year’s black. What it can cost varies wildly, so be sure to question the worth of both the cheapest and the most expensive service providers, but remember that there’s lots that can be done internally and at minimal cost other than your time. This SITE will show you what needs to be done and empower you to ask your SEO service provider—and yourself—the right questions.

To ignore Search Engine Optimization (and Google in particular) is folly. Having your own Web site means you simply must get involved with SEO techniques. Without any SEO input, well, if I were a betting man (which I’m not), I’d say your chances of success were about even; if I were an Internet project manager (which I am), I would say you were dead in the water. Your site is nothing if it isn’t optimized for the Web.

In fact, ignoring SEO is tantamount to placing a brick wall against the front door of a high-end shop: You’re actually blocking your users from reaching you. You’re destined to become part of the noise of the Internet rather than a music maker. You’re streaming without a paddle.

So how do you will read this Site? Dip in and dip out, read it from start to finish—it really does n’t matter. The 52 brilliant ideas contained in it are generally quick fixes that should result
in immediate benefits to your site if you adopt them.

If your budget is modest, implementing just a handful of these ideas will improve your Web site rankings and help you realize your ambitions and the ambitions of your company. Employ all 52 and people will be throwing themselves down on the floor and proposing—no, wait, I mean finding your Web site, buying more of your products, reading your information, and coming back to your site again and again.

SEO Guide: Analysis using the Keyword Density Tools

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One of the main supporting factors in SEO optimization is to choose the right keywords. If in the early stages of search engine optimization, we've been doing keyword research using Google trends, Google's Keyword Tools, and various other free seo tools, then the friend had a bunch of words / phrases as keywords that prospective candidates will be put into a blog post.

Sometimes following some seo tools I use in analyzing keyword density seo blog to post more friendly is:

1. Keyword Density Analysis
Keyword Density Analysis can be used to search for and detect keywords that exist in a blog page, you will see the percentage of keywords in a blog post. Logically word / keyword with the frequency of repetition more likely it will automatically be posting keywords, and of course google crawler can more easily find the keyword blog.

In order to more easily put into practice immediately and optimize your blog for seo friendly.

a. Open the following website Keyword Density Tools

Enter your blog url, for example:
In the ignore word of insert number 2
Click Submit

Then it will perform several groups of keywords, such as word, 2nd word Phrases, 3 Word Phrases
a.Word is the word most numerous in the post, words that are listed here would make a short keyword, keyword targeted if not yet appeared in number 1 through 5 should modify the sentence on the post so that maximum optimization seo. .
b. 2 and 3 Word phrase contains a certain keyword phrases, can be selected into the long tail keywords (keyword length), set the posts so that the sentence in such a way that will be targeted keywords are in top positions (2 and 3 Word Word phrase phrase)

In order to get the maximum seo optimization, it is necessary to simulate in a blog post (do change the sentence by extending the keyword / specific words on the post so that the first line of Keyword Density Tools perform the desired keyword)

Percentage of maximum density value of 15%, but there are several forums recommend no more than 30%, in person to reach 10% only sometimes very difficult.
2. Using Quintura SEO Info. Sometimes I use this tool to check for keywords in the post before publishing. with this seo tools we can determine the tag, this tag will be posting keyword. If you want to try can be found here Quintura SEO Tools
3. Using Google Webmaster Tools (Google Webmaster Center) Google Webmaster tools is a very powerful seo tools, google webmaster tools because the keyword there is accumulation of blogs that have been identified by the search engine google.
The downside of seo tools above: a. If the google seo guide number 1 and 2, the detected keyword is the keyword as is all the keywords have the same relevance weights, whereas if you use google webmaster tools listed keywords are keywords that have been in the filter by google then sorted (sorting) as The main keyword blog b. If you use google keyword tools (google webmaster center) are not yet available features keyword analysis to content / blog post, only the keyword blog post that occupies the top 10 SERP. c. Using keyword density tools can not guarantee posting appeared on the first page of google, because many factors assessed by google as the keyword relevance of blogs, traffic, backlik, etc..
As a beginner we still refer to the guidelines contained in the website seo google, that one of the main factors for creating a post appeared on the first page of Google search, is the number of posts. More and more posts with the same theme, the greater the chances of your blog appear in google home page.
Based on the experience of using keyword density tools can help to quickly post appears on the top 10 SERP, but occasionally does not arise because all depends on the competition. If the SEO guide on the benefit please apply to your blog, if deemed not useful please ignore.


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  1. Mark Oldano
    July 10, 2016 at 11:42 PM

    Market researchers need to understand how the Omni-channel affects consumer’s behaviour, although when advertisements are on a consumer’s device this does not get measured. Significant aspects to cross-platform measurement involves de-duplication and understanding that you have reached an incremental level with another platform, rather than delivering more impressions against people that have previously been reached (Whiteside, 2016).

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