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There’s having a Web site and there’s having a Web site that works. It’s all very well to have a flashy intro, a fully integrated shopping basket, and lots of features and functionality that can wow the audience on every single page. But what if they can’t find you? What if you’re not visible
on the search engines and on Google in particular?

If they don’t know your address (which most users don’t), many members of your potential audience are going to try to find your site by typing in a keyword or phrase, and if you don’t rank on those return results, you may as well not have a Web site at all. It’s that serious.

Making your site Google-friendly or employing Search Engine Optimization techniques, or SEO, as it’s known in the trade, at your earliest convenience should be a priority; SEO is this year’s black. What it can cost varies wildly, so be sure to question the worth of both the cheapest and the most expensive service providers, but remember that there’s lots that can be done internally and at minimal cost other than your time. This SITE will show you what needs to be done and empower you to ask your SEO service provider—and yourself—the right questions.

To ignore Search Engine Optimization (and Google in particular) is folly. Having your own Web site means you simply must get involved with SEO techniques. Without any SEO input, well, if I were a betting man (which I’m not), I’d say your chances of success were about even; if I were an Internet project manager (which I am), I would say you were dead in the water. Your site is nothing if it isn’t optimized for the Web.

In fact, ignoring SEO is tantamount to placing a brick wall against the front door of a high-end shop: You’re actually blocking your users from reaching you. You’re destined to become part of the noise of the Internet rather than a music maker. You’re streaming without a paddle.

So how do you will read this Site? Dip in and dip out, read it from start to finish—it really does n’t matter. The 52 brilliant ideas contained in it are generally quick fixes that should result
in immediate benefits to your site if you adopt them.

If your budget is modest, implementing just a handful of these ideas will improve your Web site rankings and help you realize your ambitions and the ambitions of your company. Employ all 52 and people will be throwing themselves down on the floor and proposing—no, wait, I mean finding your Web site, buying more of your products, reading your information, and coming back to your site again and again.

Google Panda latest algorithm google search engine in 2011

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Once in early 2010 and then, google update its search engine algorithms with the name "Google Caffeine", now in late February 2011 google again to update the algorithm called "Google Panda". Google Caffeine previously thought google would provide better search results turned out not guarantee quality sites appear on the main SERP position, so that in 2011 this Google update its search engine algorithms

In the Google algorithm, google Panda is more emphasis on content anticipation farm. Make friends who are beginners may still be confused what is meant farm content. Based information I take from content from wikipedia about breeding farm content can be found here Content farm. 

In the context of the World Wide Web, the term content is used to describe farm a company That Often employs large numbers of freelance writers to generate large amounts of textual content the which is specifically designed to satisfy algorithms for maximal retrieval by automated search engines. Their main goal is to generate advertising revenue through attracting reader page views Google 

As Google began to lower the rating information blog that is detected as "content farm" so some sites that are categorized as farm content decreased drastically visitors coming from search engines. Some sites are decreased percentage of visitors are ezineaticles decreased to 86%, HubPages has decreased by 80%. While the site is experiencing an increase in visitors as increased to 79%, 29%, more can be found here Google Farmer Update affected Based on information from google about the official site Finding more high-quality sites in a google search for google current algorithm pandas still applied in the U.S. to other countries, including Indonesia, would follow panda. Efect of google gets its greatest effect is likely that many felt the social bookmarking sites and sites article directory. 

As a beginner blogger does not have to mess with the update algorithm, should still adhere to the guidelines established by the google site google webmaster guideline center Some of them: - Create a blog's content is original and has the relevance of certain topics (posts homemade not the result of copy and paste) - Blogs can provide information and offer solutions to the blog visitors - Post blog has benefits for visitors etc.. 

Create a beginner blogger should not be discouraged in competing in the Google SERP, because all the blogs still have a chance to grow, we need only focus on the content and target audience blog blogs focus on a visitor whether beginner or intermediate level.


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