Note: Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about getting your website to the top of Google and the other major search engines, DO NOT read another word. Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything I will be teaching you. It's best to print this e-Book off, highlight areas, and take notes as you learn the exact steps needed for a top search engine ranking.


BE No. 1 in GOOGLE

There’s having a Web site and there’s having a Web site that works. It’s all very well to have a flashy intro, a fully integrated shopping basket, and lots of features and functionality that can wow the audience on every single page. But what if they can’t find you? What if you’re not visible
on the search engines and on Google in particular?

If they don’t know your address (which most users don’t), many members of your potential audience are going to try to find your site by typing in a keyword or phrase, and if you don’t rank on those return results, you may as well not have a Web site at all. It’s that serious.

Making your site Google-friendly or employing Search Engine Optimization techniques, or SEO, as it’s known in the trade, at your earliest convenience should be a priority; SEO is this year’s black. What it can cost varies wildly, so be sure to question the worth of both the cheapest and the most expensive service providers, but remember that there’s lots that can be done internally and at minimal cost other than your time. This SITE will show you what needs to be done and empower you to ask your SEO service provider—and yourself—the right questions.

To ignore Search Engine Optimization (and Google in particular) is folly. Having your own Web site means you simply must get involved with SEO techniques. Without any SEO input, well, if I were a betting man (which I’m not), I’d say your chances of success were about even; if I were an Internet project manager (which I am), I would say you were dead in the water. Your site is nothing if it isn’t optimized for the Web.

In fact, ignoring SEO is tantamount to placing a brick wall against the front door of a high-end shop: You’re actually blocking your users from reaching you. You’re destined to become part of the noise of the Internet rather than a music maker. You’re streaming without a paddle.

So how do you will read this Site? Dip in and dip out, read it from start to finish—it really does n’t matter. The 52 brilliant ideas contained in it are generally quick fixes that should result
in immediate benefits to your site if you adopt them.

If your budget is modest, implementing just a handful of these ideas will improve your Web site rankings and help you realize your ambitions and the ambitions of your company. Employ all 52 and people will be throwing themselves down on the floor and proposing—no, wait, I mean finding your Web site, buying more of your products, reading your information, and coming back to your site again and again.

“The Secret To Getting Listed In Google In Under 24 Hours - Guaranteed”

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You may or may not have heard people claim they can get listed in Google in only 24 hours. It seems that nearly 100% of the people you run across in forums act like in order to get indexed by Google in 24 hours is some miracle feat that can only be accomplished by doing some "top secret" marketing tactic or advanced optimization strategy.

Well, the truth of the matter is...

Getting listed in Google in under a day is quite easy!

First, let's define what "getting indexed by Google" means... Let's say that you create a brand new website. For our purposes, we'll call it If we go to Google and enter: into the search box, we'll see that no results are returned.

The reason no results appear is because our website is new and it's not "in Google's index"
yet. If you're not in their index, your site can't be ranked by them because they don't know your
site exists...

So, in order to rank in Google, you must first get into their index. Once your website is in there
index and you do a search like we did above, Notice your website title, description, and URL now appear... This website has been indexed by Google.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about what NOT to do when trying to get
indexed by Google. This drives me absolutely crazy when I see people doing this, and is
actually what I did at one time as well. The following URL might look familiar to you:

This is Google's actual website submission form. They state that you can use this form to
submit your website to their index of websites and it can take up to 6 weeks for your website to
be placed into their index. I don't know about you, but 4 weeks is a heck of a long time to just
wait for your website to be placed in their index rotation, let alone get a top ranking!

You should NEVER use this form, or any other of the top search engine's submission forms for that matter. These search engines include Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, and Alltheweb. So, how do you get your website indexed within 24 hours?

Let's stick with our weight loss website for now, and I will take you through the steps you'll need to do to get indexed by Google in under 24 hours, guaranteed.
  • Go to Google and enter the broadest keyword you can think of that's related to your website. In our example, it will be "weight loss". Once you've done this, you'll see a list of Google results.
  • Browse through each website and pay particular attention to the Google Page Rank of the website
Note: Remember, Google Page Rank is measured by the number of websites and the "importance" of those websites that link to your website. In general, the more websites that link to your website, the higher your Page Rank will be.

So, as you're looking at these top ranked websites for the search term "weight loss", you
should try to find websites with a Page Rank of 5 or higher.

Once you've found several websites like this, you should check and see whether or not they
have links pages. Usually you'll see links from their index page that say (resources, links,
related sites, etc.) Now, you need to search their website for their contact information or
information on getting a link from one of their high Page Rank webpages.

Once you find their contact information you should send them an email asking if they will link to
your website in return for you linking back to their website. If you do this correctly and
professionally, they will respond and will place a link on their website to yours.

If you can manage to get 1 PR5 website to link to your website, you will be indexed by Google
in under 3 days. If you can get 1 PR6 website to link to you, then you will be in Google's index
in under 24 hours!

Sometimes persuading the higher page rank websites is pretty tough, especially if your
website is brand new, but there's another option you can pursue and that is ...


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